Demand Forecasting

Value: Synchronization across the supply chain; higher sales, reduced inventory holdings. Meet your customers’ demand irrespective of location or time, cost-effectively.

Aggregate and SKU-level demand forecasting that is critical to an efficient and effective Supply Chain operation. Demand Forecasting may be used in production planning, inventory management, assessing future capacity requirements.

Our predictive analytics-based models yield stable forecasts that integrate at all demand levels, and can be used as a basis for inventory management.

Critical to a well oiled Supply Chain, Demand Forecasting analysis may be used in production planning, assessing future capacity requirements, or in making decisions on whether to enter a new market. Further, your customers demand immediate responses irrespective of location or time and you need to meet these needs rapidly, and cost-effectively.

Our experts can help:

  1. Use demand forecasting analysis techniques such as predictive algorithms to better forecast demand based on internal and external factors.
  2. Explain the key explanatory variables that impact the demand at the most granular levels.
  3. Establish the level of significance of the key explanatory variables.
  4. Simulate various scenarios leveraging the explanatory variables to help shape demand.
  5. Get a visibility on ROI from various marketing inputs such as promotions.
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