Marketing Optimization

Value: Make the most of your Marketing Budget

You strive to maximize sales and profit while operating within constraints such as finite budgets, defined marketing plans, and even limited production capabilities. Your challenge lies in determining how to measure performance and apply resources to achieve the greatest success and marketing ROI within real-world constraints.

Our Marketing Optimization services and tools can help improve efficiency and profitability by pinpointing the level of marketing activity required to maximize your sales and profit and minimize costs. Our approach leverages advanced econometric models that first determine the performance and ROI of your various marketing tactics. We then incorporate cost components and budget constraints to find the optimal allocation of resources in your portfolio to reach the required sales and profit goals.

Our marketing optimization tools help you plan budgets, manage multi-channels, create pricing strategies and produce optimal revenue for a single brand or across a portfolio of businesses and/or countries. We’re able to quantify the most profitable level of marketing and sales activities so you can be confident that every dollar spent is working its hardest for your business.

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